Top 5 10-14-14

Today’s news consists of lots of killing, wars and lies. Google & Facebook fund women to be infertile, ObamaCare is likely to cost $300 billion more than they originally told us, Turks strike the Kurds mistakenly instead of ISIS. There’s also an army blueprint for World War 3 and the NSA is trying to censor alternative media. On the good side, Americans have a huge victory against Monsanto and Russel Brand is hyping up people by saying ‘revolution is inevitable’. Today we also learned DMT and psychedelic mushrooms are very beneficial for human psychological health. We learned about FEMA camps and based on the news maybe there’s a connection between FEMA camps and the Ebola.  Drug stimulants are increased 30% during the school year and scientists have found a way to erase parts of memories from mice. I also added a new book to the list in the menu ‘Books & Documentaries’ called ‘Dangerous’ by Shannon Hale.  Now here are the top 5 news articles of the day plus a quote:

5. Turkish Airstrike Hits Kurds Instead of ISIS

4. Obamacare Likely to Cost $300 Billion More than Thought

3. Scientists Erasing Memory in Mice

2. Google & Facebook Paying Women to Freeze their Eggs…

1. Huge Victory Against Monsanto


“Stop consuming images and start producing them.”
– Terence McKenna


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