Top 5 10-16-14

Google screenshot

FEMA Camps in U.S.

News of today is about a nurse who flew on a plane contagious with Ebola, now the passengers of the plane are being tracked down to be examined and possibly put into quarantines. There was a ‘lock down’ in a Texas middle school, but called the school and debunked that it really wasn’t closed or locked down for some reason. There will be cleaning there from Ebola but the kids are still going to need to go to school until Friday. We found out today there is another virtually unknown, intelligence organization called the NGA, and the U.S. army rejects an Ebola drug 2 weeks before the outbreak. ISIS retreats from besieged Syrian city and a 13 year old Palestinian boy was shot and killed by the Israeli army. Google now officially donates more than Goldman Sachs and on Google Maps you can look up all the FEMA camps near you and in the world and United States.  Now for the top 5 news headlines of the day and a quote:

5. CDC Hunting Passengers Who Flew with Ebola Contagious Nurse

4. Man Cures Cancer with Raw Vegan Diet

3. US Army Rejects Ebola Drug 2 Weeks Before Outbreak

2. Texas Middle Ebola Alert

1. Check Out Where the Closest FEMA Camp is to You!


Quote of the Day:  “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” – John F. Kennedy




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