Top 5 News Headlines of October 22nd 2014

In today’s news the CDC claimed to be making a big mistake with Ebola patients. IS was in the Canadian parliament shooting and one soldier was killed. RCMP asks the public not to post any pictures or videos of the Canadian parliament shooting. Interesting isn’t that? A strange ‘governmental’ website predicts America’s collapse by 2025. Some common medications can be linked to fatal car crashes, legalizing drugs could benefit the economy and save lives, with cannabis curing cancer and mushrooms curing depression. Although there are bad drugs like cocaine and heroine, it is always and truly your choice to take those harmful ones or not. It’s not the governments job to protect you from yourself by deciding whether this is good for the public or not. Monsanto drops $3.5 million to defeat GMO labeling in Colorado and Oregon. As for an ending of this short paragraph, we also learned about the allegations of the CIA drug trafficking where there is proof to the CIA distributing drugs to drug cartels. Now here are the top 5 news headlines of the day and a quote:

5. Legalizing Drugs Could Benefit the Economy and Save Lives

4. Monsanto Drops $3.5 Million to Defeat GMO Labeling in Colorado and Oregon

3.  CDC Making Big Mistake on Ebola Patients

2. IS in Canadian Parliament

1. Censoring: RCMP Asks Public Not to Post Photos, Videos of Ottawa Shooting

“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.” – Marcus Aurelius


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