News of the Day

On this day of October 30th lots of things happened in the news. FEMA conducts a pandemic training in New York and New Jersey, documents show that the feds fear airborne Ebola and reflecting back to the beginning of the month, there was a doctor who claimed that the CDC was lying about Ebola contagion, and now the CDC finally admits the truth about Ebola contagion, that it can spread through air. Russia is accused of ‘testing’ the U.S. with cyber attacks. Mainstream news reports that if you’re afraid of Ebola, you should get a flu shot. In the ‘Thing to Read Up On’ section of this website we have links to why vaccines are bad and what they cause and how to cure what they cause. Be aware that Halloween is coming close, and your children will go trick or treating and get tons and tons of candy. These treats may be more harmful than you think on the long term of your child’s life, coincidentally Halloween candy is cheaper than ever since 1964. There were many college students signing a petition today for post abortions, meaning aborting the baby right after he/she is born up to the age of five. So basically they signed that you can kill your kid before he/she turns five years old. Israel takes offense over Sweden recognizing Palestine, Putin says to Western elites that ‘play-time is over’ and NATO intercepts 19 Russian military planes in two days. A scientist on his deathbed claimed aliens to be real, and shot a whole documentary/lecture about why he says so. The Patriot Act is now widely used across the globe for criminal investigations, the founder of Pirate Bay, is guilty for the ‘largest hacking case’ and we looked at what Ron Paul has to say about Ebola, Obama and the war on IS. A Pro- GMO scientist admits that GMOs aren’t safe and a brain decoder can eavesdrop your inner voice. Now here are the top 5 news headlines of the day and a quote:

5. Putin to Western Elites: Play-Time is Over

4. Most Harmful and Dangerous Halloween Treats
Halloween Candy is Now Cheaper than in 1964

3. Russia Testing U.S. with Cyber Attacks

2. Ron Paul on Ebola

1. College Students Sign Petition for ‘Post Birth Abortion’ for Kids up to Age of Five

“You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.” – Malcolm X


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