News Headlines of the Day

Ban this legalize that, legalize this ban that, pro freedom

In the end Democrats and Republicans are shaking hands behind the curtain.

News of November 3rd 2014 is pretty casual and ‘normal’. Some ObamaCare patients with high deductibles are now turning to community care centers, North Korea is out with a ‘dangerous’ new weapon and with midterm elections coming tomorrow, it looks like the power will shift to the right. Although some of us know nothing will change or at least minor things will, but also some of us believe there will be big change for the better or worse. Ben Stein calls Obama the most racist president in history and there is a 70% tax for marijuana sellers under IRS rules. Russia boycotts nuclear meeting, ‘trendies’ want to end human driving and convert to robots driving cars because that is ‘safer’ and the new Samsung ‘Smart TV’ will record every conversation in your house and sends them to Third Parties, so folks be careful what  you say in your house now too! Ron Paul speaks up on how gun control or government interventionism can lead to less safety, Ebola is a greater threat to Democrats than Republicans and there is a heritage of water and ice in the solar system. I added a new fantastic book to the “Books & Documentaries” section of the website, it’s called: War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells and it is a Sci-fi book that you must look into for it is a wonderful read. Now here are today’s top 5 headlines and a quote from John Adams:

5. NKorea’s “Dangerous” New Weapon

4. Ron Paul: Gun Control and Interventionism Leads to Less Safety

3. 70% Tax? Marijuana Profits up in Smoke Under IRS Rules

2. Looks like the Power will Switch to the Right

1. Samsung ‘Smart TV’ Records Personal Conversations and Sends them to Third Parties

“Let us tenderly and kindly cherish therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write .”- John Adams




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