November 5th 2014 Headlines


Million Mask March… Image Source:

Good day to you on November 5th 2014 hope you  had a wonderful day, today we have lots of news to provide to you. The GOP won over the senate and we learned about what Obama ‘can and can’t do’ now, we provided you a link on why to be libertarian, shortly there will be links to all the parties or non parties and Obama claims to hear voters on what they want but his actions contradict what he says. The Second Amendment crushes gun control advocates in the senate yet in contrast Washington State passes an initiative on background checks for gun purchasers, some people debate on if feeding the homeless is an act of charity or crime and a possible ‘norovirus’ hits a school infecting 140 kids in the school and 10 staff members. New technology proves that based on your brain waves people can now see what you are dreaming. Republicans possibly could impeach Obama and the youngest person in history to be elected as a West Virginia law maker of the state, the girl is 18! Recently arrived illegal minors could be the main source of the spreading of Enterovirus 68, a deadly virus that 9 kids died of a couple months back. Today there was a ‘Million Mask March’ where anonymous people marched all around the globe to end tyranny or for the cause of being left alone by their government and live freely, and the West keeps silent as Libya falls into a deep abyss. Certain genes are immune to Ebola and could be that Ebola is targeted at people with specific genes. Drug companies want you to stay sick, to keep making money off of you, NASA reveals mysteries of ‘interstellar’ space and scientists use string field theory to validate quantum mechanics. I put up a new book today called “The Mathematical Universe” by Max Tegmark and highly recommend it because it is an easy read and a very interesting read for those of you who want to know more or question more about the universe. Now here are today’s top 5 news headlines and a quote:

5. Certain Genes are Immune to Ebola…Ebola Targeted at People with Specific Genes?

4. Washington State Passes Gun Control Initiative

3. Spying Escalates into Public Transportation

2. West Virginia Elects 18 Year Old State Law Maker

1. Recently Arrived Illegal Alien Minors Spread Deadly Virus

“Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle.”- Benjamin Franklin


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