Headlines of the Day

In today’s news of November 10th 2014 lots of interesting things happened. Gun sales spike in Ferguson because people want to arm themselves from possible danger, the NYC doctor who was once suspected for Ebola is now being released on Tuesday and Poisonous laundry detergent packets take 1 kid per our into the hospital. Don’t you think if those capsules aren’t safe to eat they’re okay to put on your skin? Obama wants to open internet for all, but you should pay attention if he keeps his word. Hackers hit a postal service, Rand Paul declares the war on ISIS is ‘illegal’ and the mythical ISIS leader could be dead or severely wounded from U.S. airstrikes. The United States government could harden up cyber security because it feels vulnerable from other countries like Russia or China are testing it’s encryption abilities, McDonald’s stocks are continuing to fade because people are finding out how immensely dangerous their food is and an architect states that ‘lack of transparency is a huge political advantage’. I wonder why it would be, maybe our politicians are corrupt? This means that we do not truly know what our government is doing if there is ‘lack of transparency’. Feel safe yet? Here is for some weird news: the Department of Homeland Security is buying illegal aliens 100,000 pairs of underwear and sports bras and top militarized vehicles are ‘needed’ to deal with ‘anti-government’ groups. In the health news we have tetanus vaccines found spiked with sterilization chemical to carry out race-based genocide against Africans and Roundup herbicide (manufactured by Monsanto) is linked to damaging sperm cells and reproductive system. Make sure to buy organic food and avoid vaccines! In science news Google takes over part of NASA’s space, Google is building robot-like machines, astronomers dissect the remains of a supernova and a telescope observes black hole gamma-ray lighting. I also added a book to the Sci-Fi section in ‘Books & Documentaries’ called Icons by Margaret Stohl. Now here is today’s top 5 news articles and a quote from Terence McKenna:

5. Dawn of the Google Machines

4. Roundup Herbicide Damages Sperm Cells, Affects Reproductive System

3. ‘Lack of Transparency is Huge Political Advantage’

2. Top ISIS Leader Could be Dead or Severely Wounded after U.S. Airstrikes

1. Top Militarized Vehicles Needed to Deal with ‘Anti Government’ Groups


“Life lived in the absence of the psychedelic experience that primordial shamanism is based on is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego.”- Terence McKenna



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