We are very happy to see you here! There are multiple admins to this website and will be constantly posting news, 2-3 types to be exact. 1. What the mainstream news says about a case, 2. What conspiracy theorists say and 3. What actual evidence provides. This website will inform you about what is going on in the world, what are the best ways to be healthy, healthy recipes, what to avoid, how to encrypt yourself and stay away from the government watch list, etc. There will be very little articles that we will write, because for the most part we will provide you with informing links from various sources. This website is here to make you think and help you tell lies from truths. You do not have to believe anything from here, this website is available to you to make looking for the right answers easier, without bias from us. We truly and only believe in factual evidence. Feel free to browse through everything we have provided to you. Repost anything from here, any pictures, any articles, for we are anonymous and want to spread the truth. If you would like, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WordPress @OrganicAnon. Thank you for reading this. Remember to think! Truth is Reason in the Empire of Lies.


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