Breaking news of November 13th 2014, is there is proof to small U.S. planes are spying on American cell phones, there might be another government shutdown and there was a big protest in Mexico today. China is blamed for hacking into the U.S. weather system, apparently it is almost impossible to get a legal gun […]

In today’s news of November 10th 2014 lots of interesting things happened. Gun sales spike in Ferguson because people want to arm themselves from possible danger, the NYC doctor who was once suspected for Ebola is now being released on Tuesday and Poisonous laundry detergent packets take 1 kid per our into the hospital. Don’t […]

Good day to you on November 5th 2014 hope you  had a wonderful day, today we have lots of news to provide to you. The GOP won over the senate and we learned about what Obama ‘can and can’t do’ now, we provided you a link on why to be libertarian, shortly there will be […]

News of November 3rd 2014 is pretty casual and ‘normal’. Some ObamaCare patients with high deductibles are now turning to community care centers, North Korea is out with a ‘dangerous’ new weapon and with midterm elections coming tomorrow, it looks like the power will shift to the right. Although some of us know nothing will […]

On this day of October 30th lots of things happened in the news. FEMA conducts a pandemic training in New York and New Jersey, documents show that the feds fear airborne Ebola and reflecting back to the beginning of the month, there was a doctor who claimed that the CDC was lying about Ebola contagion, […]

Today, October 27th 2014, the FBI raids home of a ‘second Snowden’, a 2010 document from the Rockefeller Foundation predicts a a pandemic police state scenario and Amtrack labels paying with cash, acting nervous or calm ‘suspicious activity’. We are in a historic shift as the NATO-member Poland is moving thousands of troops to its […]

On this beautiful day of October 24th 2014, big news happened. There was a  school shooting in Washington State near Seattle. A boy shot a couple kids and then abruptly shot himself. Bill Gates is still strongly funding Initiative 594 for Washington State to receive background checks on gun purchasers. Gates is also funding gun […]