Breaking News

November 19th
Ferguson Protests live Streaming

Jews Beef up on Security

College Students Threatened for Handing out Free Constitutions

Arrested for Hunger Games Saluting

Illegal and Unconstitutional Arresting Happened in D.C. Man Committed No Crime

November 17th
FBI: Decision Likely to Lead to Violence

Sunscreen May be Tied to Infertility

Internet Tax? FCC Official over Obama-Backed Net Plan

How CNBC Silenced Questions about ObamaCare


Sailing Drones

170 Sickened on Cruise Ship from Norovirus

2nd Person Dies of Ebola in Nebraska…Arrived from West Africa

GOP News on Twitter

November 13th

Latest Executive Order Makes Way for ‘More Secure’ Nanny States

Predictive Policing…Thought Police are Coming Your Way!

JPMorgan Whistleblower

Impossible to get Legal Gun Carry Permit in DC?

China Blamed for Hacking U.S. Weather System

Mexico Protest

Possible Government Shutdown

U.S. Planes Spy on American Phones

November 12th
Monsanto 3rd Most Hated Party in the World

Watch Out! Spying Laws Being Passed Behind Your Back!

Pot Sales Lower in Colorado

November 11th
Could Anarcho-Capitalism Work?

11 Women Die and 62 Hospitalized after Sterilization Procedure in India

November 10th
Top Militarized Vehicles Needed to Deal with ‘Anti Government’ Groups

DHS Buying Nearly 100,000 Pairs of Sports Bras and Underwear for Illegals

‘Lack of Transparency is Huge Political Advantage’

Robots Booking Your Next Vacation

McDonald’s Continues to Fade

Senior Intel Officer for ‘Controversial’ Comments on China

U.S. Government May Harden Security over Increasing Cyber Attacks

Top ISIS Leader Could be Dead or Severely Wounded after U.S. Airstrikes

Rand Paul: ‘This War is Now Illegal’

Hackers Hit Postal Service

Obama Wants to Open Internet for All

Poisonous Laundry Detergent…1 Child Sick per Hour

NYC Doc Free of Ebola Soon Released

Gun Sales Spike in Ferguson for Self Protection

Hungary Bullied for being Independent and have Dared to Disobey the US and EU

Man Wants Drones for Neighborhood Watch

Obama Sending 1,500 Troops to Iraq

Obama: Dictatorship is Democracy

Ukraine Says Russian Tanks Crossed Border
NATO Say No Evidence of New ‘Russian Invasion’ Into Ukraine

French Farmers Spray Feces onto Government Buildings to Protest Regulations & Taxes

Khorasan: Pentagon Says Fantasy Terror Group Bombed to Protect Homeland

Telescreen from 1984 Now Real Plus One Other Device Designed to Track You in Your Home

German Bank Charging Negative Interest

Elite Plan to Kill 6 Billion Discovered

Doesn’t Matter Which Party Controls the Senate, Everything’s Going to Stay the Same

More than 100,000 March Against Bankster Austerity in Brussels

Obama Caught Ordering Press to Cover Up Ebola…Media Agrees Not to Report on Suspected Ebola Cases in U.S.

Local News Advises Residents to ‘Play Dead’ During Home Invasion

Economist: ‘Revolution’ to Erupt in 2016

Possible for One Person to Control Another Through the Mind

More than 600 Soldiers Reported Chemical Exposure in Iraq

90 Year Old Man Cited for Feeding Homeless

Border Stats Posted Then Removed

Harvard Criticized by Faculty, Students for Secret Classroom Photos

Obama’s ‘Secret’ Letter to Iran

Washington State Passes Gun Control Initiative

Anonymous Message to the World

Global Million Mask March

West Keeps Silent as Libya Falls Into Abyss

Recently Arrived Illegal Alien Minors Spread Deadly Virus

Spying Escalates into Public Transportation

West Virginia Elects 18 Year Old State Law Maker

Will Republicans Impeach Obama?

Norovirus Hits School…150 Sickened

Mind Reading Coming True

Feeding Homeless Act of Charity or Crime?

Gun Control Advocates Crushed

Obama Isn’t Listening to Voters as he Claims he does

Why Libertarian

Robots Taking Over on ‘Saving Lives’…

What Obama Can and Can’t Do with GOP Senate

Marijuana Legalization on Track in D.C.


Hackers Target NRA Leader Prior to Gun Control Vote

GOP Senate Would be Almost the same as Democratic Senate

Ron Paul: Gun Control and Interventionism Leads to Less Safety

Samsung ‘Smart TV’ Records Personal Conversations and Sends them to Third Parties

Trendies Wanting to End Human Driving

Russia Boycotts Nuclear Meeting

70% Tax? Marijuana Profits up in Smoke Under IRS Rules

Ben Stein: Obama ‘Is The Most Racist President There Has Ever Been’

Looks like the Power will Switch to the Right

NKorea’s “Dangerous” New Weapon

Some ObamaCare Patients with High Deductibles Turning to Community Care Centers

FBI Secretly Demanding Power to Hack into Computers Anywhere

The Coming November Wars

Evidence Shows Obama’s┬áBorder Policy Fueled Epidemic

Bundy Family Treated as Terror Suspects by TSA

Who’s Your Daddy? Government

Obama “Most Racist” President in History

SEAL Under Fire for Writing about OBL Raid…

10 Year Old Gets Paralysis from Flu Shot

Ron Paul on Ebola

Counterterrorism Patriot Act Provision now Widely Used in Criminal Investigations

Pirate Bay Founder Guilty for ‘Largest Hacking Case’

Scientist on Deathbed Says Aliens are Real

3 Spooky Ways You’re Being Spied on During Halloween

NATO Intercepts 19 Russian Military Planes in Space of Two Days

Putin to Western Elites: Play-Time is Over

Israel Takes Offense for Sweden Recognizing Palestine

College Students Sign Petition for ‘Post Birth Abortion’ for Kids up to Age of Five

Most Harmful and Dangerous Halloween Treats
Halloween Candy is Now Cheaper than in 1964

Afraid of Ebola? Get a Flu Shot!

Pentagon Defends Decision on Isolating Troops

Russia Testing U.S. with Cyber Attacks

Doctor: CDC Lying to Public About Ebola

Documents Show Feds Fear Airborne Ebola

FEMA Conducts Pandemic Training in NJ, NY

Robots Taking Over

Obama: Russia Shouldn’t Bully Ukrain

CDC: Ebola Spreads Like Flu

Workers in Danger at Washington’s Hanford Nuclear Site

U.S. College Students Face High Debt, Shattered Dreams

NGO: One Child Policy to Solve Overpopulation

Hit Music Video: “My Ebola ‘Obola”

Seattle Times Upset over FBI Creating Fake News Story to Nab Bomb Threat Suspect

U.S. Beefs up Security at Federal Buildings

Antares Rocket Explosion

NSA Surveillance Limits: The Focus Turns to Courts

Big Sis Backs Executive Amnesty

CNN Polls: Voters are Scared and Angry

Ex-CBS Reporter: Government Agency Bugged my Computer

Inflation Statistics

NATO-Member Poland is Moving Thousands of Troops to its Eastern Border

Amtrack: Purchasing Train Tickets with Cash is ‘Suspicious Activity’

2010 Rockefeller Foundation Document Envisions Pandemic Police State Scenario

FBI Raids Home of ‘Second Snowden’

Hungarians Revolt against Internet Tax

Benghazi Whistleblower Tells All

Protest Erupts in Germany

FEC Dem Pushes for Political Speech Regulation
Chairman Warns: ‘Regulating Speech’
Dems on FEC Move to Regulate Internet Campaigns

Drones, SWAT Surround Summerville Game After Gang Threats

ISIS Reportedly Tortured Western Hostages Eventually Beheaded

Quarantined Nurse Takes on Christie, White House Weighs in

Rare Ebola Footage Captures Discovery in 1976

5 Injured after Industrial Explosion in Ontario

Reporter Accused of being ‘Possible Terrorist’ for Photographing Courthouse

All NSA Would Say about Top Spy is that She’s Resigning

Bio Weapons Expert: Ebola is a Bio Weapon Release

New Ebola Policy a Real Stunner



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